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We have a wide range of supporters from NGOs, firms, journalism and academia

“Universities have a crucial part to play in creating a more equitable and sustainable future for us all, and they can do that quite simply—by transitioning to plant-based provision. I welcome Food4Thought’s campaign and wish them luck as they encourage and support institutions to make this vital change.”

Jasmijn de Boo

Vice President, ProVeg International

“Probably the biggest and easiest thing any of us can do to fight the climate crisis is to stop eating animals. The starting place for that is often education, making people aware of the issues and their own ability to act. With one in 30 people in the UK studying at university it makes sense for these institutions to take a lead on that and help the drive towards a more sustainable future. I fully support the aims of the Food4Thought campaign.”

Dale Vince

Gründer, Ecotricity

“If we are to have a future on this planet, then we must end our reliance on animal products. That is why I support the aims of Food4Thought and wish them well as they promote plant-based provision across Britain’s universities.”

George Monbiot

Autor und Umweltaktivist

“Food holds one of the keys to solving the climate crisis, and a shift to plant-based diets in institutions would be an inspirational starting block. To have this more sustainable, healthy and kinder diet as standard at UK universities would show real leadership and support a new generation of changemakers. We support Food4Thought’s campaign and look forward to seeing these changes transpire.”

Louise Davies

Deputy CEO, The Vegan Society

“As forward-thinking and enlightened institutions, universities should lead the transition away from animal farming.”

Dr Chris Bryant

Spezialist für Ernährungssysteme

“Replacing livestock products with alternatives is crucial for tackling climate change, and will have far more rapid effects on greenhouse gas emissions and their atmospheric concentrations than actions to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. Institutions have a key role to play here, and I welcome Food4Thought’s campaign to drive the transition to sustainable, plant-based universities.”

Prof Andrew Knight

Professor für Tierwohl und Ethik, University of Winchester

„Wer sich pflanzenbasiert und klimafördernd ernährt, ist durch diesen ethischen Ernährungsstil sowohl von Art. 9 der Europäischen Menschenrechts-konvention, wie auch vom Grundgesetz der Bundesrepublik Deutschland über die Glaubens-, Gewissens- und Welt-anschauungsfreiheit geschützt. Art. 20 a des Grundgesetzes erhebt diese tier- und umweltfreundliche Ernährung zum Verfassungswert. Portugal hat bereits einen gesetzlichen Anspruch auf pflanzenbasierte Ernährung in allen öffentlichen Institutionen beschlossen. In einer modernen Welt sollte dies eine Selbstverständlichkeit sein.”

Ralf Müller-Amenitsch

Rechtsanwalt, Fachbuchautor und Lehrbeauftragter, Fachhochschule des Mittelstands