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Food4Tought hilft Universitäten und Studierendenwerken, mehr Pflanzen auf den Teller zu bringen

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“Universities have a crucial part to play in creating a more equitable and sustainable future for us all, and they can do that quite simply—by transitioning to plant-based provision. I welcome Food4Thought’s campaign and wish them luck as they encourage and support institutions to make this vital change.”

Jasmijn de Boo

Vice President, ProVeg International

“Probably the biggest and easiest thing any of us can do to fight the climate crisis is to stop eating animals. The starting place for that is often education, making people aware of the issues and their own ability to act. With one in 30 people in the UK studying at university it makes sense for these institutions to take a lead on that and help the drive towards a more sustainable future. I fully support the aims of the Food4Thought campaign.”

Dale Vince

Founder, Ecotricity

“If we are to have a future on this planet, then we must end our reliance on animal products. That is why I support the aims of Food4Thought and wish them well as they promote plant-based provision across Britain’s universities.”

George Monbiot

Author and environmental activist